Since 2006, I have designed board games on an amateur basis. The majority of these designs were experiments that have since been discarded, but those that are in later phases of development or are notable for some other reason will be posted here.

Paper Game Jams

Since January 2014, I have organized and facilitated twice-yearly (summer and winter) paper game design jams for alumnae/i and current students of my alma mater, Reed College. Over the course of 24-48 hours, we brainstorm ideas and iterate on game designs by creating, playtesting, and revising prototypes. After each jam, at least a few participants have created something compelling enough to continue developing.


Candy Factory – I started designing Candy Factory in the August 2014 Reed Game Jam, and have been iterating on the prototype and design document ever since. It is a game of building an efficient machine to transform a pool of dice and produce the most points.

Speculation – I made Speculation for MITx 11.126x, Introduction to Game Design, in the winter of 2014. My goal was to create a simplistic, fast-paced, pure share-buying game in the vein of 18XX or Rolling Stock but without any company operation mechanics.

The Barbers – I started developing The Barbers in August 2013 during the first Reed Game Jam, but have since abandoned it. Although it does not seem like an interesting game to me, I do want to reuse its unique customer demand mechanic at some point in the future.


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