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Joe WassermanI graduated from Reed College in Portland, OR in May 2009, where I majored in anthropology and wrote my senior thesis on cultural bias in standardized tests of literacy. As an undergrad, I did a couple of research projects, including one on how visitors decoded my team’s intended messages in a museum exhibit of our own design and another on conceptions of technology at a computer help desk. Since then, for nearly three years I did qualitative research professionally, including a study on the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry‘s built space and a long-term project on how people develop, implement, and use electronic records in community hospitals throughout the U.S. with POET. Since 2012, I’ve been doing varied quantitative analysis at Kaiser Permanente Northwest.

I founded and ran a t-shirt company for several years while in college.

I am passionate about play and games. I like interesting games of all sorts, but most especially board games. I have incorporated board games into enrichment classes for gifted youth that have focused on world history, geography, and economics. In 2008 I created and implemented a curriculum for the first anthropology class offered through The Center for Gifted.

I’ve been fencing since middle school and have coached Reed College’s fencing team since 2012.

Interested in my professional experience? You can view my resume here.