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Joe WassermanI am a Master’s student in the Communication Studies department at West Virginia University researching how strategy board games can be used to train systems thinking competencies. Before that, I did a bunch of other things. I graduated from Reed College in Portland, OR in May 2009, where I majored in anthropology and wrote my senior thesis on cultural bias in standardized tests of literacy. As an undergrad, I did some research projects, including one on conceptions of technology at a computer help desk. Since then, for nearly three years I did qualitative research professionally, which included a study on the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry‘s built space, as well as a long-term project on how people develop, implement, and use electronic records in community hospitals throughout the U.S. with POET at OHSU. Between 2012 and 2015, I did varied quantitative analyses at Kaiser Permanente Northwest.

I am passionate about play and games, particularly board games. I have incorporated board games into enrichment classes for gifted youth that have focused on world history, geography, and economics. In 2008 I created and implemented a curriculum for the first anthropology class offered through The Center for Gifted. I also do some board game design on the side.

I founded and ran a t-shirt company for several years while in college.

Interested in my professional experience? You can view my resume here.